Sunday, March 23, 2014


imagine #3
that you grew up with parents
"back to the landing" in the 50's 
before the term was coined
with old buildings to play in 
with a pond for skating and
to sail a small boat in, and
you sailed before 
you rode a bike

imagine you drew things as a kid
birds, boats, cars
imagine you were introduced to
abstract painting in toronto in the seventies 
something was going on  
imagine in high school
making abstract paintings and 
racing motocross 
imagine subjecting yourself to the 
history of art 
in tandem with 
the traditional 
the method and materials 
of drawing, painting and
what has been renamed 
"formal sculpture"
so you are triangulating 
from a known position
theoretical trajectories 
from two different 
points of departure

imagine seeing 
Mont Saint Victoire 
on a windy summer afternoon 
from the seat of your bicycle 
en route north
from quatocento Sienna 
Florence and Pizza into
the simultaneity of centuries 
of Northern principalities
imagine the scent of roadside wild flowers 
in the warm breeze
and their intermingling 
through wine and cuisine
if " beauty will save the world"
we may have to revise 
the word "beauty" 
  to include 
the preservation of 
the natural world
with humanity in 
a side car because 
we have been busted for 
"distracted driving"

describing our emotions
will be required in order 
to save this world
now that truth has a price

but, might we not start with 
descriptions  ?
 I stepped out with the camera
 into an afternoon snow blown 
a rising hillside of waves
frozen spray falling into
 blue shadows
at -20ºc
feb27 4:44pm

the view from the crow's nest, and

two maples creak 
the exact sound 
of the rig of a 
wooden ship
in a breeze
it's the mast to 
the top
it's the gaff  
to the main
as harmony
and east from  
the headlands
a distant frozen bay

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