Monday, April 28, 2014


the racoons looked they were intending to move into the boat shed.
I trapped 5 in 7 days... relocated to conservation area

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

oh canada

oh canada
in the knowing 
for those who 
will not see
the truth too bright 
and close their eyes
truth comes in waves
that reach the shore 
in sounds too sweet 
to hear
amidst the score
I move in toil and 
loose myself to the
rhythm that invented 
time as a crutch 
lest we worry too much 
over our demise
or worth
so to dance
the art too beautiful to bear 
I weep in the necessity 
the waste we share and
for all who stand witness
and give thanks to the trees
for the shelter 
and the heat
and for 
not yet killing me
and will my blood to
commence the plague
to end us all
with apologies