Thursday, September 17, 2015

White Pine both young and old

walking in the woods
looking for the seedlings
planted this spring
a gang of deer
took off
with a few flashes
of white
I Listen to
Mother Nature
for advise on
forest husbandry
and find the
White Pine youngsters
thriving in their new

This White Pine‎ from which this board
was cut germinated about 400 years ago.
I salvaged it when I was 25 for
cupboards in the house that I was building.
It was from the attic floor of a 150 year-old stone
Georgian farm house‎ near Streetsville
where I grew up.
The old White Pine may have grown up
in the woods where I have lived for
35 years. The original forest here included 
White Oak and White Pine 
but the regrowth has become predominantly Maple.
This old Pine and it's neighbour's were
also cut into timbers for the farm's
barns, some of which are looking on from
the woodshed and tractor Taj.
 I touch the‎ Pine every day in
the kitchen‎ cupboards ‎. 
‎The 24x21 in. piece that i'm painting
and carving was part of one end
of the original kitchen cabinets which
have subsequently been rebuilt
with Butternut, Beech and Ash
from the property‎.
It's a perfect late summer day
for hanging out with the forest creatures 
while bring in the  firewood
but a valve stem let go 
on one of the
1939 tractors so
one form of bliss
is exchanged 
for another 

Friday, September 4, 2015


After fairing the hull of Nat Benjamin's
50"schooner "Charlotte", I took the left-over
red lead paint and used it in this painting.
 I named the painting "Angelique" after the 
sustainably harvested tropical hardwood
that I had been working into this shape

P E T E R   B E C K E T T 

Asking Mother Nature: Will beauty save the world?

Owen Sound
NDP Headquarters
1043 2nd Ave. East

opening, September 5th, 3 pm- 5 pm. 
Exhibition continues until David McLaren 
wins the election