Friday, April 19, 2013

wind forest warm grey and threatening

The sound of wind
in the spring
is more rattling 
and sharper 
than in summer
as things begin 
to shake and take flight
Which of the forest number
will shed a branch or top, 
or topple
all-together with a
groaning snapping and
taking a tangle 
of trees to
earth with a thump 
when the longing
and gravity
have their way?

but, in the boat shed
it sound like sailing

Sunday, April 14, 2013

a giant and a raven

the other night
there was a raven
being tormented 
by the crows
in the ice storm
a giant met me
on the way
back from the
wood shed

from the up-coming anthology:

"Grimmer  Fairy Tales"

flying buttresses

A painting that anticipates with curiosity
will become associated with the events surrounding
it's arrival, so what was associated with
the thinking about cycles of calcium
as one of the components of the 
and prior,
during it's making 
the hurricane of new jersey 
and of ice storms further north
and from memories of unseen imaginings
of oil slicks and waves meeting freezing shorelines
and then there's a painting made while living on the water 
in a little wooden boat, 
that when tied to a tree in the foreground
reminded me that 

there was once a warm inland sea
and what will it be like sailing my little boat 
amongst dinosaurs

Then while out felling maples of dubious character

I came across what is 
most assuredly the origin
of the exoskeleton of 
those gothic cathedrals 
like notre dame de pari
to remind us of the intelligence 
of the collective adversary

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


misty dawn with
a warm breeze and rain
and the arrival of the
noisy  black birds
to yell at me


Sunday, April 7, 2013

biological collective scream.

splitting maple and splitting clips

Still clip from Kenny Baldwin Video Project
in conjunction with Videographer Harold Whyte

Kenny Baldwin Video

my old piano
is returning to nature
standing on its end
outside the back door
to free up some
audio/ video
working space

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

one fine day

Baume & Brix for Maple Syrup


calcium rich
vapours rising from
fishers and vents
through tectonic plates
into the acid sea and
dissolving reefs
which will in turn
become the sediments 
that record
the prosthetic period-- 
just prior to human 

The upper limbs of 
the grand old Red Elm that was-
a consequence of last year's drought 
fed the fires of this maple-sugar time.
It must be the fragrant mist 
that makes us persist


in and out of solution
out of the escarpment 
into the ground water
into the roots of maples
into the rising sap
out of the tree
and into the 
fired by maple
to condense
into wool and 
cellulose filters
to be washed
down the drain
to start the cycle again