Tuesday, October 22, 2013

changing season

oct 21 -13
Swaying trees and
the sounds of rain
falling leaves in
a gust of wind
the Beech leaves 
more orange/brown 
than the school bus and green 
of the Maples

The weather today reminds me of a visit to Belgium in winter.

The Beech leaves 
that cling through the winter 
rattle a familiar 
to the 
cross-country skier

One of the benefits of the computer's page of thumb-nails; 
the documents of paintings evolving
falls within the context of the surroundings.
Time,  the spiralling outward of the seasons
and the gathering of experience as opposed to the 
chronological ticking of mortality.
One of the benefits of difficulty reading,
juxtaposed experience
becomes the source of opinion

more familiar to musicians than to painters
brings the structures of bridges to mind