Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

human extinction

human extinction
and cats trained
in the service
of the robots
as managers of
the rats..
who do most of the work.
There are also some
trained apes in manufacture and
dolphins in transportation.
The robots were
to clean up.

Monday, May 13, 2013


how can we succeed
without moving simultaneously
in all directions

Beckett c o n f l u e n c e

While, Waiting for...
if, in the search for 
the  necessary shift,
 a single focus would help,
perhaps in the word  " c o n f l u e n c e "
   because waiting for a
simultaneous global coincidence
will leave us 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

painting cross-dissolves

painting the cross-dissolves
between dimensions
inhabits the realm
between intuition and
much as surrealist painting
inhabits the
connection between
the un / and consciousness

mother nature's day

the sound of wind as i awoke
maple flowers and the occasional leaf
drifting into the east

how lucky we were 
to have good weather last week

and the wind and snow today


To disregard the biosphere that we inhabit 
sounds, anything but conservative;
to dismantle science
and to curtail democracy
sounds like a step backward 
into a totalitarian fundamentalist
If  Harper remains invested in winning at all costs 
and is at the same time, 
invested in the 
end times
perhaps the conservatives need a new leader-
someone who can imagine a near future
without a global implosion. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

movement in still images

There is much that we can learn with the assistance of photography
but what about instances in which our experience and understanding
are not particularly well represented by photography.

Yes, the long exposure or panning can help
but the iconic Ansel Adams landscapes with
smooth water come to mind as a mechanical
misrepresentation of a natural experience.

Yes, there are attempts to represent the world differently using
still and motion pictures- current research into compound cameras
replicating an insect's view of the world and
i remember a 360ยบ projection at the canadian pavilion
when i was 10 but
if we could combine these images in our imagination,
what could we learn about looking differently.

Although the painting depicted in the detail above
is not a conscious representation of nature,
now that i look at it, it reminds me
how problematic a white tent pole
can be when it's centre stage.

spring lichen green

it seemed like a complimentary colour to
the collection of colour pigments
that themselves had been a reaction to
a painting predominated with late summer green

Friday, May 10, 2013

painting outside

just as it seems ridiculous
to try to paint ones house
from the inside
why do i have to point out that
the studio is the place to paint
at night
or when it's raining

i was oiling the south and east sides of the house
in preparation to finish with the moss-grey-green
stain that i'd mixed up a few years back.
while stirring and straining i brought a
current painting out into the afternoon sun.
happily surprised that the black flies
had taken the day off
i found the painting was looking for
just such a hue

Saturday, May 4, 2013

may fourth

Kenny Baldwin 4th of May Back-Yard Memorial

I took the canoe out
on a windy day
but  i couldn't
get across the first lake.
coming back
i could steer
with the paddle
in the air

one week into May

and in that week
we have shifted
from residual snow
to a green explosion
the like of which is
seldom seen

the little brown wrens
vocally agressive
demanding that i
get their nesting boxes
cleaned out- now

and the fly catchers
who yell fee-bee fee-bee
at each other
keep me guessing about
the leftover nesting material
in their favourite spots

i try to dissuade them from
nesting in the wood shed
because something-
i suspect racoons-
"so cute when they're young"
usually eats their first brood

and of course,
there are the black flies.
last year's erratic weather
with a spring heat-wave
followed by frosts
took down the apple blossoms.
we missed the apples
but nobody mentioned missing the
black flies.

who will speak for the black flies?
the phoebes will