Sunday, February 9, 2014

orange and snow

there is a swish-squeak and
muffled thump as you
gain the cadence
and begin
to stroll and

with all the 
natural beauty
in peril
i get so 
miserable that 
I have to drink outside
while painting

at -15ยบ c
vapour rises
from les isles
d ' ecos
and that 
cheers me up

art as a documentary
of a document?

that which 
would reward,
by intention
an imagination

how are the crystals
from deep in the earth
any different than the 

new fallen snow

what does it look like when 
a gene sequence "mutates"?

as an example of the baggage of this language

66 x 80 inches, oil on canvas

 50 x 72 in.

 electoral reform?  how is murder justified ?

if we elect government 
who hold a fundamental belief
 that the "end times" are inevitable
then is destroying the planet
doing god's will or 
our choice?

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