Friday, August 31, 2012

the scream

there are frogs
both peepers and pippins
and the crickets in the
full moon rhythmic pulse behind
a crisp lyric dancing
with the wind in the leaves
i scatter almonds to the
flock of grouse
on the lane-way
to this spring's firewood

i return to the quartz floods
and linseed, damar and turpentine
to paint the scream

this morning the blackbirds
congregated in the tree tops

"the scream" 48 x 66 in. ... as the past rushes past

Monday, August 27, 2012

forest mirage

painting in the woods
the heat of day diminishing
the sun settles toward
the distant ridge
the translucence
of the jewel weed
against moss-covered

sweeping the straw
from the cut-stone terrace
the stems of the succulents that
succumbed to the drought

perhaps the painting
contains some of the
forest's longing
for rain

 "mirage"    66 x 48 in.

thanks to all who came to the exhibition
and after-party ... there was a suggestion
that we do it again