Thursday, April 19, 2012


Those profound moments of discovery in which she finds herself dissolving into the mysteries of nature are the moments that Detwiler attempts to instill in her work. Previously known for her international work drawing attention to nature’s beauty and the importance of its preservation Susan Detwiler has turned the page shifting into environmental action. Following the lead of Rudolph Steiner and his proponent Joseph Beuys, Detwiler has partnered with Peter Beckett in the Arts & Science Lab Project. The Project acknowledges the social discontent expressed by the occupy movement and takes up the cause of social architecture. Woven into her current work is a comparison between the interconnectedness of natural cycles and the mechanism by which human activity might shift into sustainability.  We have harnessed the energy of falling water, wind and sun historically to power machinery, for transportation and to generate electricity. This knowledge will play a vital role in the transition back into a more harmonious relationship to the biosphere.