Sunday, June 22, 2014

trranslucent skin

translucent skin
and a surface
being carved 
with a rasp into
intersecting curves

to describe the
flow of water 
past a shape and
wind speed and
wave height and 
angle of heel
and hull speed
with drops of gelcoat 
like clouds between 
layers of time

Friday, June 6, 2014

arts and science lab wanderer

 "ecstasy" outside your self

preparing to dive
preparing to dance
preparing to fly

I went sailing when
I was young
for some reason 
I got attached to it...
it's not that being out in a storm
didn't scare the shit out of me
but after a couple of days of 
heavy weather
the beauty and the power 
what a privilege to be out there 
at the will of the wind
it's good to be back
on that pursuit
with paintings for company

the difference between 
the painter and the musician,
the painting originates 
in the company of paintings 
a tribe unto themselves
the musician, 
collaboration with other people
seems natural 

this painting assemblage has evolved over the years
but now that my focus has shifted
I see a painted "selfy" at the mast head

so it's time 
and the boat
will be the seawind lll 
with a second skin
carbon fiber stitched and 
glassed wrapped deck seam
and jumper fore-stay
3 more scuppers
wood bulwarks replace the aluminum
improved missen support
custom hard dingy / dodger
aries vane gear
improved engine access
hydro acoustics
a good cabin heater
secure storage
when I figure out 
which transom option..... with the aries
I drew sailboats as a kid
and the cock-pit is too wide

When the painting is at a scale to allow 

gestures of full body movement

then dancing becomes painting 
if there is a need

where-as a translation of scale is required
to forearm and wrist when the canvas is small

these portraits
having been 
ever so much closer to
over the edge
because that's how
we learn where to 
expect the edge

"The River and The Thread"
Rosanne Cash said,
"you have to love the thread ...
i'm a writer so 
i don't often know 
what i think 
until i write i"t

who we are
is a context
of curiosity

Gauguin's painted record
of Tahiti 
as cultural anthropology, 
He asked;
Who are we, 
Where do we come from
Where are we going?

I painted this just before dawn
it reminded me of Gauguin
then went out int the woods
to hear a symphony
of bird song


Preparation and 
the tradition evolves

The paint-booth fan helps but...

imagine all the gelcoat
turned to dust

At night 
using a flash light
you can see her stringers 
through her skin

A layer of corcell
should help keep 
the poor thing warm
when we're singing
with the whales

I spoke to the Gougeon/ west system tech dept
about linear glass stitching and wrapping the deck seam
and vacuum bagging corecell to the hull...
they seem to be new ideas- but feasible 
i.e. Two thin layers may be easier to apply and provide
better insulation than one double scored thick layer. 

Rings welded for a line to prevent anchor rode jumping off bow roller.
The anchor chain hawse pipe may be better relocated.

my friend's WestSail had a rubber horn that would let the  chain run out, but.....
more research required