Sunday, March 23, 2014

st patricks

sunny monday and -10ºc
and the cutting of a few trees 
before the sap runs up
to turn buds to leaves
falling through the crust 
passed my knees
sweat soaked 
the rim of my barrette
and it ran across across 
my sun glasses
as I encountered 
the resistance of Beach
to the ten pound maul
all and all 
a most satisfying start
to the most pleasant
of drudgeries
day two in shirt sleeves
i cut more and started to split
Maples and Beach
along the snow-shoed path
within easy reach
and the crows were there 
to see a flock of wild turkeys
emerge from their winter digs
and cross the lane from the 
white pine wind break
heading towards the 
hilltop look out
they seem to use
machine noise
to cover their tracks
and the next day 
it rained

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