Tuesday, July 17, 2012

painting in the woods

breathing in
and reflecting
between the "now"
of this time and place
and the emerging recollections
as the old painting gathers momentum
in new directions

A painting from winter of 07 
on Martha's Vineyard
of Plein Air wooden boat work
and of painting a record to share
but not a painting entirely from
either here from memory
or there
was "opened up"
as they say
but not with what they normally mean
because rather than making
a significant change
with paint and brushes
because the painting is on plywood
the "opening" was possible with
another familiar tool at hand-
the chain saw

48 x 36 in. oil on birch ply

and then in the revisiting of an afternoon of freejazz
and painting on canvas in public
the forest seems to have added its voice
and only as the sun set on this forest hillside
from the open valley to the west
illuminating the forest edge
from beneath the canopy
with the a spectrum of red from
cadmium red light to quinacridone
did the painted premonition
reveal its source

Premonition Forest Sunset  48 x 80 in.