Friday, July 25, 2014

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the nature of blue

blue painting 66 x 80 inches, oil.
but remember,  it is what you see

addressing the taboos;
when Bill challenged Jack
to stop denying
the existence of gravity and
rather than taking it to the street
Jack went home and 
on behalf of gravity
reasserted  something of it's complex 
and  pulsing nature
but that was after he 
died of natural causes

plastic surgery discovery
I should have
ground her topsides 
freehand as well
at last 
a pleasant discovery 
about F R P..... fiber reinforced plastic
a paint scraper 
with a burr
will shape the surface of
day-old epoxy *
like your favourite plane set to take
the finest shaving from hardwood

if you like tools and complexity
boat work is just the thing

* mixed with
1 west 404 
2 cabosill
3 bubbles-

Sunday, July 20, 2014


there's a glitch
in the summer here
cool breeze 
through the trees
a signal to begin
bringing firewood in

an nod to Captain Nat Herreshoff and LF

to arrive at 
the daily pleasure of
what nature has in store
there's another "nature"
we must examine

the human 

breeds necessities
and questions 
careful observations
and looking for another perspective

exploration to 
share the discoveries
when trying to get words 
around an inclination
the shift 
from words 
to sound 
one more puzzle piece
falls into place
as yet another
"vain attempt at defining art"

without another perspective
from which to triangulate
how could we navigate
acquisition and maintenance 
of the necessities
our present location
good grinding tools, both 
electric and air drive
which have become 
difficult to find
the flow lines are beginning to
surround the form
as a perspective on sculpture
or mechanical kinetic 

which is having its influence on
the intuitive 

as the form expands
to the perspectives attached 
to an ancient pine board 
from an attic floor 
for a century

to the centuries 
when the pine grew 
up through
towering maples
near here

fluid dynamics
for me 
has nothing to do with numbers
but is rather 
the seeing of turbulence 
caused by few barnacles
and wrinkles
on the hull

without the perspective of
your nature 
you proceed 
as if on a

A friend who became a wooden flute maker
is grateful to the old black-smith 
who minded him while
turning glowing hot metal into implements 
while they waited for the school bus.

which brought to mind Rumi's words

"a while as want may be 
true self, I could not see
but heard it's name.
I, being self confined,
self did not merit
leaving self behind 
did self inherit."

Friday, July 4, 2014

night and day

oil 2 x 66 x 48 in.


80 x 66 in. oil and glass beads on canvas
home for fire-damage repairs