Sunday, March 23, 2014

distance march 9 2014

gaining a different perspective on what you are making is
essential to an evaluation of one's work  i.e.

one can;
put it away for a while
look at it upside down, 
from a distance
in a mirror, 
in a black mirror

when people with the capacity 
of critical observation
will share with you 
what they see -
(which should be 
the grad school experience)

at some point you decide not to
look for second opinions before you 
hang it up as significant  
so your perspective 
stands alone

although we should always remain students, 
being enrolled in formal eduction 
should be acknowledged
when the work is a student assignment
and  teacher's perspective are represented
it may be considered a collaboration
but should be identified as student work

of course 
the art world is a hotbed of 
corruption and political manipulation so
where you place yourself on the continuum
of truth being "what ever one can get away with"
is an expression of where you will compromise
and casts a shadow. 
The shadow needs not fall across your painting

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