Tuesday, November 11, 2014

water birds

The giant's heart softened 
as he remembered the years when 
spring failed to arrive in his garden.  
One of those dark years 
a wounded water-bird 
had returned mid-summer to find
the giant's pond frozen solid. 
The giant had brought the bird into the castle
and cared for it as it recovered
from a wounded wing 
and some injured ribs. 
When summer finally returned
and the water-bird had recovered 
the giant returned  to his garden.
The giant knelt down by the pond and
gently lowered the water-bird back into 
it's natural element and watched it swim away.

Monday, November 3, 2014

on anchor

With the anchor down
in a harbour amongst other vessels
he took the opportunity to go aloft to
see that all was well from

another perspective.

From the cross trees, 
envisioning the anchorage with 
the changing tide 
and possible wind shift, 
the game of chess came to mind.

In payment for his effort the cadmium sun 
did break through through mineral violet
and panes grey just as the rain began.

He was back on deck by the time the squall hit

The anchor rode groaned as vessel swung into 
the new wind direction and
the chaotic dance of difference began.

After a brief eternity 
the neighbouring boats all swung into the wind.