Monday, October 24, 2011

from Walter’s Falls

the wind is blowing
clouds streaming by
the maples seem to be holding on to
a few of the leaves that survived
the voracious caterpillars
the tractor is running and
we have a few scattered woodpiles
to bring in to the shed

the year of open canopy
promoted a tangle of under-growth
adding a new red and violet
to the autumn colours

shrimp and blue oysters

on the way back from the mail box
around supper time
i took the shortcut through the woods
and found
blue oyster mushrooms
on a fallen maple

put on some basmati rice

start sauteing an onion with
a handful of sliced mushrooms
in butter and olive oil with a
touch of roasted sesame seed oil
on low heat

shave in some ginger and
1 clove garlic
add black pepper and
1 tsp. sesame seeds
1 tbs. teriyaki sauce
shrimp (optional)

turn up the heat

stir in 2 eggs beaten
add 2 handfuls
shredded chinese cabbage
when egg is crispy

serve over rice with

teriyaki and hot sauce