Sunday, February 9, 2014

the play

"a conversations without words"

i.e. between paintings
paintings to music -music to dance

painter sitting in a studio chair, looking

two walls 45ยบ to stage

gets up and brings in another painting

and sits

gets up turns off the lights

the dancers facilitate the conversation between paintings/ 
curating by hanging sequences of paintings so
the studio becomes an exhibition
and like Musorski
 parts are assigned

the artist has exited in painting attire to 
reemerge in opening gear

walls spin -studio wall photo-repro to neutral
tables spin- from paint to wine & cheese

scene 2

dancers in black enter and spin the walls/tables into tidiness
and curate a group

music assigned to individual paintings 
overlays and harmonized into
the next painting

the dancers, having arranged a good bunch
stand together looking at the MV painting horizontal

go turn it on its end
with a new rhythm
they divid into the black and white keys
into two different time signatures
while two different key signatures merge
with winter forest sounds
as a simultaneous emergence of
deer and whild turkeys
in sun set silloette on
the forest edge

and skipping double dutch
as a sound first and
break into different parts

"the slideshow" 
connects similarities between the forest and the paintings
on two screens

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