Monday, January 17, 2011


our primary sense:
seeing as investigation, rather than seeing to name alone.

if we shifted things around, we could learn so much more
by seeing.
if the naming became the beginning of
seeing rather than the end,
the why and how of things could be reattached.

when our primary sense is attached to curiosity
there is a huge potential for learning for exploration, whereas
in so much of our eduction, the seeing ends at the naming.

1 comment:

  1. synesthesia demands an openess to experience
    a dropping away from mind, where naming occurs
    the brush of wind against skin, the snap of a twig
    the scent of stag musk are all part of seeing
    a seeing that occurs within and throughout the body
    the eyes must be free too, in their discovery of surface, variation and nuance, to study a things complexity and relation
    without reducing it to name or idea