Monday, November 29, 2010

let it become
with out
naming it

48 x 66 in. oil on wood and canvas 2008- 2010

"so you paint the sounds and wetness and smell of salt marshes
the splash of water as minor beasts slip breifly above the surface
you paint the bodies inhabitation of said place
a mental cleansing of rigid description... " S.D.

painted two summers ago
here, outside
it was of shoreline light
i thought i could add a chapter
and in the process of
i reached out
and picked up
a cedar shingle
violet green orange,
to see where orange might fit
and that was it.
the painting, i had explained
was in that place in a chord progression
characterized by 11ths and 13ths,
the place of longing
building towards
the unexpected

the shingle was one
that i painted while
breaking-in a solar painting studio
on Martha's Vineyard
in the winter

intuitive reaching out
intuition reaching back?

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