Saturday, November 20, 2010

call it stage fright

the tangible explanation
of the mystic
does resist replication... but
when the paintings speak to each other
it's my place to listen-in
to notice
what a painting must leave behind
in order to take the next step
noticing the longing
in the colours,
the unresolved harmonics.
letting the future past
and the present conditional
come in to play

while fussing with
the intersecting arches
towards the discoveries of sailing
by the light of day
one lone violet shutters
at the coming snow
the painting's nocturnal longing
reaches out to recollections
painted on cedar shingles
pulled from the burn pile
painted on the shore
of a sandy shoal

watching tides
for revelation
both emerging
and arriving
exploring salt-marshes
i found a perfect shell
of a horseshoe crab
an ancient
amongst the reeds


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