Saturday, January 30, 2016


when love is learning
how might the chips
fall differently ?
when watching the 
moon-rise at midnight
knowing the moon will see
the sunrise
when nostalgia is included
in the definition of love
of course the senate has to be
 a squabble fest‎
"sober second thought"
a discussion from 
different perspectives‎
not a rubber stamp‎
Coco and 2%- no sugar
Scotch‎ for the pain
and imagining the 
small boat‎ fishery
off the west coast of
Scotland and kneeling
as pain relief 
mistaken for 
 pity the trusting
and the desparate
for they were taken in
and that's our roots so
what's wrong with
love as learning and
change as a consequence
because chips will always fall 
as they may‎
and on the
Ile of Islay‎

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