Wednesday, June 10, 2015

june seventh

june 7 2015

“Since humanity, collectively won’t see
 the necessity of preserving the natural environment, 
I’m looking to the intelligence of the biosphere 
for insight”.”

perhaps the image
is of bees dancing
as they do
to spread the news
that it has been
finally recognized
in canada
that neonicitinoids
although good for the
corporate bottom line
are bad for life
as we know it

there was a 
up in the trees

jays squawked
as if hard-done-by
smaller birds were
diving at them

i suspected the 
phoebe kids 
were about to fleg
and the jays were
looking for 
an easy kill

the nest above 
my painting wall
is in the shadows
behind the beam
so i got my camera
and they all took flight
right over my head

that night was
warm and humid 

with fire flies
to entertain 
mimicking stars
darting about as they do
companied by the sound
of rain falling in the form
of caterpillar shit

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