Sunday, March 1, 2015

...another vain attempt at defining art

as "inspiration"and "art"

 share an orbit.... 

      essential to life
painting to dissolve 
into the interconnectedness of all things
through the eyes of others.

the box grand piano 
that stands outside my back door
as a giant gargoyle because
it was beyond repair and 
that was as far as 
I chose to move it that day
has taken on a new function
Part of the living lightly is
in dancing with the forces of nature
the canoe that I built becomes a familiar 
standard of comparison
The steady motion of the sailboat 
that caught my eye
The angle of the piano 
while splitting the prevailing westerlies
increases the velocity of the wind
which clears the snow from the 
up-wind side of the base
so, what looks like an 
inert obstruction 
or art 
is in effect, 
shovelling snow.... 
so by definition, 
it is not art

thanks to the tractors.... a toast

fresh snow in a glass
to celebrate the distillers art
fresh snow to reflect sunlight
into the house to enable the
interaction of sensation of reflection
that we call seeing
to blanket the forest floor from freezing so
spring can prepare back-stage
Thanks to all the friends and neighbours 
busily, silently capturing and storing
with-out fanfare or fatigue  
the radiant heat of the sun
that comforts my bones

The house is a reflection of values passed down and
observation in that light from childhood
As my friend Nat says, design is compromise.
as Frank LLoyd Wright says, form follows function

the requirements for the studio/ house, as seen from the perspective of a 25 year-old aspiring carpenter,
and painter with a degree in art history were specific .. Modular, passive solar with the
heating requirements compromised by the need for a high ceiling  and  north-light in the studio.
Maple forest provides heat and sunlight in winter and the cool shade of summer.
The integrity of the envelope re.  site appropriate materials, heavy insulation, convection air circulation
and mechanical concentration were priorities. Prevailing winds were taken in to consideration.
Aesthetics were achieved by balancing modular efficiencies with site requirements through symmetry
and a combination of  timber and balloon-framing. 

Frozen clothes 
at twenty below
become animated
as the wind picks up
The wood stove groans
but knows of the thaw
blowing in from 
beyond the horizon

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