Friday, July 25, 2014

the nature of blue

blue painting 66 x 80 inches, oil.
but remember,  it is what you see

addressing the taboos;
when Bill challenged Jack
to stop denying
the existence of gravity and
rather than taking it to the street
Jack went home and 
on behalf of gravity
reasserted  something of it's complex 
and  pulsing nature
but that was after he 
died of natural causes

plastic surgery discovery
I should have
ground her topsides 
freehand as well
at last 
a pleasant discovery 
about F R P..... fiber reinforced plastic
a paint scraper 
with a burr
will shape the surface of
day-old epoxy *
like your favourite plane set to take
the finest shaving from hardwood

if you like tools and complexity
boat work is just the thing

* mixed with
1 west 404 
2 cabosill
3 bubbles-

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