Friday, June 6, 2014


Preparation and 
the tradition evolves

The paint-booth fan helps but...

imagine all the gelcoat
turned to dust

At night 
using a flash light
you can see her stringers 
through her skin

A layer of corcell
should help keep 
the poor thing warm
when we're singing
with the whales

I spoke to the Gougeon/ west system tech dept
about linear glass stitching and wrapping the deck seam
and vacuum bagging corecell to the hull...
they seem to be new ideas- but feasible 
i.e. Two thin layers may be easier to apply and provide
better insulation than one double scored thick layer. 

Rings welded for a line to prevent anchor rode jumping off bow roller.
The anchor chain hawse pipe may be better relocated.

my friend's WestSail had a rubber horn that would let the  chain run out, but.....
more research required

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