Sunday, August 11, 2013

Managing "the shift" in the forest.

Last years drought killed this red elm
which is valuable for its rot resistance so
i'm going to get a portable bandsaw mill in for a day.
Amazed that my 1939 tractor could pull a 2' x 18 ' log,
I started to look at what else I might else be able to 

drag to the lane to make a day of it. 
We will be milling at 3 to 4 logs per hour. 

The boat's deck seam resolution will involve laminated red elm bulwarks.
There was a cherry tree crowding the power line and a maple on the inside of a corner in the lane that would be difficult to get the boat past.
There's also the looming threat from the emerald ash borer.
A few yeas ago I took down some massive butternut trees before their
bugs finished them off.
To round out the inventory will be some prime sugar maples between 2' and
3' in diameter.

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