Saturday, May 11, 2013

movement in still images

There is much that we can learn with the assistance of photography
but what about instances in which our experience and understanding
are not particularly well represented by photography.

Yes, the long exposure or panning can help
but the iconic Ansel Adams landscapes with
smooth water come to mind as a mechanical
misrepresentation of a natural experience.

Yes, there are attempts to represent the world differently using
still and motion pictures- current research into compound cameras
replicating an insect's view of the world and
i remember a 360º projection at the canadian pavilion
when i was 10 but
if we could combine these images in our imagination,
what could we learn about looking differently.

Although the painting depicted in the detail above
is not a conscious representation of nature,
now that i look at it, it reminds me
how problematic a white tent pole
can be when it's centre stage.

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