Friday, May 14, 2010

time travel

As I walk the lane to pick up the mail:
I notice that some of the ash trees-
which leaf-out much later than the maples-
have retained the leaf stems from last year-
rather than being in bud.
Wondering what, if not
emerald ash borer
may be killing them?

"art and visual perception"
was my first attempt at writing about art.
It brought to light
the problem of
the interconnectedness
of all things
in simultaneity.

The model that first arose to illustrated the problem came as the drawings unfolded
around the performance art piece of sept 11 -01.
Time re-assembling itself as in
images merging towards each-other
from all different directions.
As the first of the 40-odd drawings emerged
it was apparent that there was a large gap
between the individual drawings-
some with a few graphite lines through bees wax
while other were buried in wax crayon.
But, by the time they filled the room,
sequences linking them up were everywhere.
Eventually they were shown nine-up
as they had been pinned
to the canvas stretchers in the studio.
As such, at least they could be "read"
in all different directions-
in two dimensions-
the connections shifting
with the intuition of the viewer.

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