Monday, July 13, 2009

lucid dream research

in the dream
you took me to a gallery...urban, obscure, exclusive ...
to see some work you like-
"now, be nice and don't make fun"
there were paintings and ceramics by the same artist
the ceramics were pines in relief on plates
if you hung them on the wall to collect dust
it would look like snow.
the paintings were of more interest to me.
the paintings were on bronze
and the colours derived from
chemical treatments- patinas
enhanced oxidation, etching-using intaglio techniques and polishing
there were a limited number of colours
two greens an ochre, ultramarine,
and subtleties in the earth browns
into warm and cool blacks
the images alluding to reflections in
the black waters of muskoka lakes
through pines into the sky

i think it's called lucid dreaming when you
listen to yourself asking questions

this is rare -even for me

in the last such dream
Paul Klee came to me to ask that i finish
one of his paintings for him,
luckily i forget which museum
he said it's hanging in

... so there will be a new level
of intention
as i start these paintings.
is it plagiarism when
we paint our own dreams?

image size: 44 x 48 in.

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