Thursday, June 11, 2009

when we see

across time
and notice
the crystal ball
told the truth

and we made notes

i paint, "tales from the woods"
to see
from a different
time scale
so that i might
speak of what i hear
in the whispering

and we made notes

a few like-minded soles
the fluttering green
of swaying trees
waving to
crashing seas
to angelique*
and brine

and to"charlotte"
a sailor's dream
speaking of the sea

Although it was not a marine architect who coined the phrase,
"form follows function," the remark is seldom more clearly 
expressed in any of man's endeavors
 than it is in the hull of a sailing vessel.**

50' schooner "Charlotte" by Nat Benjamin
shear, lower planking and frames of
topsides of silver bali-
bolth selectively cut in Surinam

**from "the art of wooden boat building"

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